• Photo: Ralph M. Beiran, AIA

    Ralph M. Beiran, AIA


    Prior to forming RMBA, Ralph was a Studio Director in a leading international architecture and engineering firm. His background includes large scale commercial projects, restaurants, corporate office interiors, and luxury residences. He has extensive experience with projects located in New York City and has also worked throughout the United States, Europe, and Dubai. Regardless of the location or type of project Ralph enjoys participating in all aspects - from developing a concept to overseeing its construction - in order to ascertain that the goals of our clients are met and consistently applied.

    An award winning architect, Ralph has achieved meaningful design on projects with complex scopes and limited budgets. His design approach evolves from a vision that is specific to each project, and his knowledge of building systems is rooted in years of working in construction. "Design and construction are intrinsically intertwined" says Ralph, "the act of building a beautiful design strikes a chord in everyone, it's fundamentally exhilarating."

    As a result Ralph's designs are developed with an appreciation of beauty and constructability, and he's worked on projects that have been featured in publications such as Architecture Magazine, Contract Magazine, New Yorker, and New York Times.

    RMBA features a talented team of designers and administrators, all of whom work under the direct supervision of our licensed principal.

  • Photo: Vinay Ingle

    Vinay Ingle

    Associate, Project Designer

    Hailing from central New Jersey, Vinay earned a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from NJIT’s College of Architecture and Design. During his time at school, he worked on a number of community-geared projects and even had the opportunity to work with the city council offices for Newark's West Ward. In between semesters, Vinay worked for a prominent architecture firm where he gained valuable experience. An avid reader, writer, and thinker, Vinay has since made time to return to school as a studio TA and guest critic. Vinay spends his spare time playing piano and painting, and he brings a very positive attitude to his work at RMBA. Vinay has a keen interest in technical details, and under the direction of Ralph Beiran, assists with the preparation of plans, details, and the necessary follow through that is vital to RMBA's clients.

  • Photo: Joseph Franco

    Joseph Franco

    Project Designer

    Joe graduated with a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the Marywood University School of Architecture in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Interested in the impact that Architecture can have on a community, Joe made time to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity at sites in Wilkes-Barre, PA and Canadensis, PA. Aside from participating in the design process he enjoyed working directly on excavation, wood framing, and installing drywall.

    Philanthropic endeavors aside, Joe is also known for his passion and talent in sculpture and graphic arts. As a young designer, Joe enjoys his application of experimental and artistic means to generate solid ideas for the projects he works on and has become an important part of RMBA's design studio. Under the direction of Ralph Beiran, Joe builds models - both physical and in 3D software - that help convey ideas in a clear and detailed manner.

  • Photo: Ravi Akella

    Ravi Akella

    Project Designer

    Ravi Akella followed his passion for Architecture from a very young age, ultimately earning his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from NJIT’s College of Architecture and Design. Working in tandem with his fourth semester studio group, he won the NJIT Masonry competition in all 3 categories: Build, Presentation, and Overall Design. Between semesters, Ravi pursued his career in residential work at a local firm, gaining crucial, practical experience. At RMBA, he works under Ralph Beiran’s direction to provide the best possible service to our clients. Despite his busy schedule, Ravi makes time for some of his favorite activities, such as kayaking, hiking, and camping with his girlfriend.

  • Photo: Donovan Kirkland

    Donovan Kirkland

    Project Designer

    Donovan attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture and Design, where he graduated with honors and his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. During his college tenure, Donovan collaborated with community service groups on design competitions, presented his work to public and private organizations in the city of Newark, and was a founding member of the school’s National Organization of Minority Architects student chapter.

    In addition to these extracurricular activities, Donovan completed two successive internships with RMBA, where he has found an environment that allows for his continuous growth as a designer. As a full-time member of the RMBA team, Donovan continues to learn and work under Ralph Beiran on a range of high-end projects.

  • Photo: Jonathan Sagalow

    Jonathan Sagalow

    Junior Designer

    Freshly equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, Jonathan brings an alternative perspective to the traditional architectural design process. With interests in Architecture and Urban Design, Jonathan intertwines the disciplines at any opportunity he is afforded. While he was raised in a suburban New Jersey, Jonathan prides himself on his tenure living in the City of Cincinnati, where he credits its revitalization as a catalyst for his involvement in the industry. When Jonathan is not at the office, you can catch him hiking with his dog, Delilah, playing Settlers of Catan, and participating in trivia nights.

  • Photo: Ashley Han

    Ashley Han


    Ashley brings diverse experience to RMBA, having worked in higher education, marketing, education technology, fashion, and telecommunications. Her educational background is in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, with specific research interest in strategic HRM, social network analysis, and organizational behavior. These experiences afford Ashley a unique, multidisciplinary perspective to the architecture industry.

    Art and creation have always been of interest to Ashley, and she values opportunities to incorporate creativity into her work. As both a creative and technically-inclined individual, Ashley enjoys architecture's intersection of art and structure.