What is design?

by in Notes from the Studio

If you're in search of a good architecture firm chances are that you're reading a lot about design.  Most firms will offer an array of design services boasting their expertise as designers.  Perhaps all of this talk about design is leaving you to wonder what exactly is design and what does it mean to you? 

In its simplest form, design is the act of developing an idea.  But ultimately, at RMBA design itself is a process. It’s an organized conversation, it’s a love story, and most of all, it’s a back and forth that can be an enjoyable path toward tailoring a space to suit your needs, taste, and style .  While we’re capable of designing a project completely  on our own, at RMBA we're at our best working with clients that are sophisticated, opinionated, and who enjoy being involved - and that’s why design might be important to you. You get to bring your ideas, the “good” ones and the “bad” ones, and so will we, and together we’ll explore our vision along with yours to help you throw everything at the wall and see what really sticks.

As different ideas are developed, improved, and brought to life, you’ll  get to step in and  out of the design process - as a member of our studio - all the way through.  As a matter of fact, we have many clients whom long after a project is completed will continue emailing, calling, and sometimes texting new ideas because at RMBA we also believe that design can simply be a dialogue between creative individuals.  We’re a young office with a vision that is driven toward  helping you realize yours - and that’s why design is important to us.